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Julie's work is about her love for nature and colors.  About forest, flowers, mountains, stream and lake.   And all the souvenirs of her grandparent's cottage.

New art series coming February 2021

New Project

Since fall 2020, I have been working on a new project, where art meets the words.

My goal was to combine my artworks with the words of a writer who knows how to describe nature.

So I created paintings for the reader's imagination.


I invite you to read the french poetic stories of my sister Natacha

A total of 13 artworks will gradually be unveiled.

Soon, my art will be on sale.

Julie's love for colour and nature


Julie’s love for colour, nature and forms probably comes from her background as a geographer. Julie is a self-taught abstract artist with a gift for her determination, colorful palettes and multi layers compositions.

Her sense of observation and analysis help her technique in her striking colorful layers and brushstrokes.She wants to express happiness, joy and friendliness.  Just like her personality.

Tel que vu sur - As seen on


''There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.''  Pablo Picasso

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Cowansville, Québec, Canada

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