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Julie's work is about her love for nature and colors.  About forest, flowers, mountains, stream and lake.   And all the souvenirs of her grandparent's cottage.

Original Artworks

Add a touch of color on every wall

Existence Collection

Our existence is fleeting. We are not eternal. Just like the flora and fauna. That's why we must enjoy every moment.

Floral Collection

Colorful and vibrant compositions 

sunset on the yamaska.jpg

New Artwork


Baby Dreams - Acrylic on stretched canvas

Available online


Beach Souvenir - Watercolor on acid-free paper

Available online


Vibes - Acrylic on acid free paper

Available online


Oscillation - Mixed media on wood

Available online

The layers of our history - Acrylic on stretched jeans fabric

Available soon

life goes on.jpg

Life goes on - Acrylic on wood

Available online

Julie's love for colour and nature


Julie’s love for colour, nature and forms probably comes from her background as a geographer. Julie is a self-taught abstract artist with a gift for her determination, colorful palettes and multi layers compositions.

Her sense of observation and analysis help her technique in her striking colorful layers and brushstrokes.She wants to express happiness, joy and friendliness.  Just like her personality.

In the studio with Julie


Intuition and emotion represent her artworks and the many layers and colors that compose her paintings.  A pleasure for the eyes of her customers to admire every day on the walls of their home.


Tel que vu sur - As seen on


''There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.''  Pablo Picasso

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Cowansville, Québec, Canada

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