Pursuit of purpose is trending more than ever.  With the pandemic and conflicts across the world, people are looking for more from life.  Life is too short and fragile to be wasted.  The pandemic gave us a reason to change things in our lives.  Well-being is becoming more and more important and is becoming a priority.  Nature is essential in our life:  Food, medicine, mental health.

Did you spend time in nature last weekend? How did you feel about spending time in nature?


This new collection of artworks is inspired by my walks in the forest near my home.  I'm lucky to have a small forest nearby and I often take the opportunity to go for a walk with my dog on the trails.  Breathing clean air, observing and listening around me is magical and so beneficial for health!

Discover the new collection!

20220314_114210 d.jpg
20220314_114210 d.jpg


Enjoy life !

20220315_091157 b.jpg


Bring a bit of the outdoors to your walls to remind you to enjoy nature

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