“An artwork that does not begin with an emotion is not art” — Paul Cezanne

I create multi-layered, abstract paintings in which nature is the focal point.- the focal point to explore feelings, emotions, colour, lines and texture.  My intuition guide me through this exploration..  

I love to add vivid colors to my paintings.  It adds joy and happiness.  Each layer is a new beginning just like our life that we must enjoy every moment.  Every day.

How do Julie work (statement)

The spontaneous style of Julie is a multi-layered work to capture the very essence of the landscape.


She trusts her instinct


After her studies in physical geography at the University, she better understands Earth, its surface, its changes. She applied it in her art. With the climate changes that the world is going through today, Julie wondered the meaning she should give to her art.  With courage and trust, her greatest inspiration is the process of life. The beauty of daring. For Julie, every painting she creates in her studio is like a balm she wants to put on the world. A little warmth and happiness.


With her art, she wants to express all the beauty that surrounds us.


Julie Denis is from Ottawa in Ontario (Canada). She spent a lot of time drawing alone when she was young.  Art has always been part of her daily life: painting, drawing, photography, sculpture.  She don't know if it was a way to escape in a fantasy world as a young girl.

Julie is colorful, determined and loves life. She is more and more present in galleries in Quebec including Sutton, Brossard, Cowansville, Durham South, Dunham, Aylmer.


Her art is inspired by nature and she exhibit in various galleries in groups or solo each year.


She likes to use a vivid color palette to communicate her love of nature and the abstraction. By combining pink with other colors, Julie's spontaneous style is a multi-layered work. The omnipresent nature in her paintings is like our mind. Full of beauty, love and fragility that must be protected.


She lives and work in Cowansville (Quebec), Canada with her fiancé, her 18 years old cat and her cute maltese dog.

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